About EZ-Task™

This Journey Started Back in 2016

Corrao Group observed an increase in leads regarding simple “tasks” related to best practices, setup, training, and more. These requests usually came from end-users, but Salesforce Account Executive’s (AE) asked if our staff could assist them, as paying customers wanted to increase their adoption with Salesforce. These customers did not want to pay for general service agreements due to the price, plus requests were so simple that they did not justify partner engagement.

In response, Corrao Group (CG) developed an online task marketplace that allows customers of Salesforce to select a specific task that is currently in their Salesforce Org that they required assistance with. We modeled this after Apple’s Genius Bar, due to the validation received that the customer really did not understand the vast capabilities that Salesforce could do. An important thing we noticed is that small and midsize business (SMB) customers are primarily focused on their daily job, and learning a business application is far from what they were able to accomplish in a workday. Most companies have not adapted to an optimized company model that seamlessly connects to customers. These basic tasks/features in Salesforce should be deployed and enforced for a Salesforce customer to properly recognize ROI.

We Listened and Evolved in 2017

Most of the year was spent in focus groups with CG customers and listening to Salesforce AE’s regarding customers that were struggling with the adoption or expansion of the Salesforce platform. Just after the summer of 2017, CG starting looking at a different approach for these self-implementation customers that were over 50% of the install base. The increase of online task marketplaces for general development offered companies options, but the unknown source of who was doing the work and the quality was deterring for some. They also did not focus on a specific task and reacted to what the customer might think they need, versus offering the most requested tasks in Salesforce platform.

We started to discuss an online marketplace exclusively for SMB Salesforce users that recommended and provided the most common tasks and modules in Salesforce to ensure adoption and usage for ROI. This service would be targeted at SMB (1-250) employees and needed to ensure we messaged business gaps that were not configured or optimized in Salesforce. These are very simple features like configuring your “contact us” form to directly populate into Salesforce Leads for immediate management by your sales staff. This very basic task could save companies hundreds of hours of manual time, which could otherwise result in lost opportunity related to not getting back to a prospect in a timely manner. Our approach was to assist the Salesforce AE when they checked-in with their customer, and if they noticed customer was not using a specific module, they would recommend the Task Marketplace.

The last part of 2017 was spent researching whether or not solutions existed, and validation was completed for the 2018 project kickoff.

2018—Time to Build and Deploy Marketplace

As these tasks needed to be simple and non-consultative, the name for the task marketplace that was researched and trademarked was EZ-TASK™. The platform selected to develop EZ-TASK™ application was Salesforce.com due to the quick deployment and CG knowledge in configurations. We also feel using the actual application, as CG are power users, is critical for credibility.

We started the website and platform development in April 2018. Our Marketing staff focused on website/digital promotions and print collateral. Our internal development team built the new Salesforce organization exclusively focused on EZ-TASK™.

The Backend EZ-Task Engine

We designed and developed a unique application on Salesforce that would allow seamless integration with websites while leveraging the full automation of Salesforce to provide real-time transactional business process flow. This design allowed for monitoring of every stage in the customer’s journey via an automated task assignment, customer dashboard, and end of day reporting.

Automated communication allows for real-time email alerts to customers throughout their task journey. Each task has the customer set-up to allow the required information to be gathered from the customer to the resource configuring the specific task.